In January, Associated Press asked DigitalGlobe, a company that provides satellite photography services, to take images of the area in Iraq near Mosul, where the ancient Christian structure — St. Elijah's Monastery — is located. Allsource Analysis CEO Stephen Wood analyzed the imaged and concluded that the monastery with 1,400-year history was destroyed to the ground in August or September 2014. This way, St. Elijah's Monastery became one of the dozens of historical monuments, destroyed by ISIS.
In the photo, taken in 2008: A U.S. Army chaplain gestures toward the place where the 101st Airborne Division's "screaming eagle" was painted above a door of the monastery (the division participated in invasion of Iraq in March and April 2003 and used the monastery as a fortification).

Photo: Maya Alleruzzo / AP Photo / East News

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