Almost twenty years ago in the city of Lod in Israel the builders who were broadening Ha-Halutz street found a large mosaic. The archaeologist from the Antiquities Authority who arrived at the site confirmed that the discovery was very valuable, but they buried it in the ground again, as there were no funds to restore it. When the funds were procured, the mosaic was restored and sent on a tour around the world. They started building a centre to put in on permanent display in Lod. Last year the builders of this centre found another mosaic, 11x13 square meters, depicting hunting and hunted animals, fish, flowers in baskets, vases and birds. Around 1,700 years ago this mosaic covered the inner yard of a rich home. The archaeologists recently finished restoring it and presented it to the public.

Photo: AFP PHOTO / Menahem Kahana / EAST NEWS

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