Winners of Zeiss Photography Award 2017

Over five thousand photographers from all over the world submitted their photographs to the contest with the main theme of Meaningful Places.

The jury of the international Zeiss Photography Award, organized by Zeiss together with the World Photography Organization, announced the winners of 2017. The best works were selected from over 30,000 submissions made by photographers from over 130 countries.

The main prize was awarded to Kevin Faingnaert, a 30-year-old photographer from Belgium, with his series Føroyar about life on the Faroe Islands where he spent about a month. He received €12,000 worth of photo equipment from Zeiss, and €3,000 in cash for future projects.

“A few decades ago they were inhabited by hundreds of people, but now there are often just five or ten people left because the young people have moved to the cities in search of better opportunities. They don’t see any future in the places they were born in,” Faingnaert says about his project. “I’m incredibly honored by winning the award and that my photos get recognized in between the endless amount of other wonderful stories being told. Most importantly, it gives me strength and motivation to continue my work and to take up new ideas which have been in my mind since forever.”

The other photographers who were awarded in addition to Faingnaert include British Anna Filipova, Christopher Roche, and Nicholas White; Italian Mario Adario; Australian Fabian Muir; German Sonja Hamad; Belgian Frederik Buyckx; Nicky Newman from South Africa; and Ben Asamoah from Ghana. Their works will be exhibited at Somerset House in London between April 21 and May 7, 2017.

The winners of the last year’s Zeiss Photography Award are available here.

Photo: Kevin Faingnaert, main prize
Photo: Christopher Roche. From Devotion series dedicated to studying religious traditions all over the world.
Photo: Nicky Newman. From Place of Water project, taken in a public pool in Cape Town.
Photo: Fabian Muir. Children in a North Korean orphanage. From Shades of Leisure in North Korea series.
Photo: Fabian Muir. A water park in Pyongyang. From Shades of Leisure in North Korea series.
Photo: Frederik Buyckx. From Horse Head series about shepherds in Kyrgyzstan.
Photo: Frederik Buyckx. From Horse Head series about shepherds in Kyrgyzstan.
Photo: Sonja Hamad. From Women, Life, Freedom series about Kurdish female fighters who take part in the armed resistance against ISIS.
Photo: Anna Filipova. From Research at the End of the World series about Ny-Ålesund in Norway, the northernmost settlement in the world.
The Exorcist. Photo: Mario Adario. From Ethiopian Christmas Pilgrimage to Lalibela series
Photo: Ben Asamoah. From Portrait of the North project about people in Northern Ghana.

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