5 Resources That Inspire Calligraphers Victoria and Vitalina Lopukhiny

Online archive of second-hand books, graffiti by French street artists and other inspiration sources of Victoria and Vitalina Lopukhiny.

In our “Resources” section artists working in various kinds of media talk about websites they visit in search of new ideas. In this issue calligraphers Victoria and Vitalina Lopoukhiny share their inspiration sources.

Viktoria and Vitalina Lopukhiny, 25 years old

Sisters-calligraphers from Kyiv. Created illustrations for Syndicate, Zeppelin Ukraine, Montegrappa, Kyivska Rus magazine, singer Jamala, art historian Alexander Vassilyev and The Romanovs television series.

It is important to look at beautiful things as often as one can. And how important it is for a designer and a calligrapher to look at carefully thought through, cleverly laid-out books! There are so many libraries with scanned rare book now, but this was one of the first that we came across. We have a look in once in a while and there’s always a revelation of some sort. The choice of books is not very big, but the online catalogue makes it easy to find the many great things that there are. So if you are looking for etching illustrations of Robert Boyle’s books or astronomy maps by Peter Apian and Galileo Galilei, this is the place to go.

This blog is constantly being updated. Among its’ key characteristics are diversity of techniques, wonderful quality sketches, as well as completed works. Erik Marinovich, Jessica Hische and Martina Flor are representatives of the immutable, a little bit old-fashioned lettering based on calligraphy. Many names appear and vanish but these masters keep working and making us happy with their creations.

This is one of those publishing houses into whose shops people usually rush the moment they find themselves abroad. The website is well-structured and easy to use. Here one can stay updated on new things: books, quality magazine covers, video interviews with artists and creatives whose books Gestalten has published. We are hoping to see something this high-quality one day in the Ukraine, no matter even if in a very distant future.

Letterers and designers need to keep a finger on the pulse of modern art, follow new trends in architecture, sculpture, paining, graphics and their derivatives. Urban street art and graffiti are closely connected to the art of lettering. We often look for interesting representatives of these two genres, study their techniques to add something new to our own works. Flickr accounts of a few interesting street artists from Paris are among the most recent findings.

К общеобразовательным ресурсам мы обращаемся, когда выполняем механическую работу, а все идеи уже придуманы. На «ПостНауке» есть короткие пятнадцатиминутные лекции, которые удобно слушать в небольших перерывах. Лекции и короткие видео об искусстве также можно найти на сайтах «Мітєц» и «Культурный проект».

We turn to general knowledge resources while doing mechanical work after the creative part is done. On “PostNauka” there are short 15-minute lectures that are great to listen to during small breaks. Lectures and short videos on art can also be found on “Mitets” and “Cultural Project“.

Translation by Varvara Lozenko.

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