5 Resources That Inspire Thomas Kronbichler

Graphic designer Thomas Kronbichler who's worked with Versailles and Red Dot Design tells where he gets inspiration for his own works

In Sources we ask various artists to tell the reader about their ways to get inspired off the internet and share the sites that can become a source of new artistic ideas. Today we take a look at the overview by graphic designer Thomas Kronbichler.

Thomas Kronbichler

29 years old Thomas Kronbichler, Graphic designer and art director. Worked at Circus Buero für Kommunikation, with Meiré und Meiré Köln & Berlin and for Fons Hickmann m23 Berlin. Clients include Museion, Berlinale Filmfestival, Red Dot Design, University of Bolzano, Château de Versailles, Jewish Museum Berlin. Complex magazine just named him One of the Emerging Graphic Designers You Should Know. Lives in Bolzano, Italy where he founded a design studio.

It’s Nice That

After doing my morning emails, and if there is nothing too stressful at the studio, I check «It’s Nice That» for graphic design and creative inspiration. I like that English taste. Sounds strange? Oh, and they always are positive on anything – meaning that they always just write about things that they like. That is good when you start the day. Other times I wish they’d be more critical. I like being critical. Because that means that you THINK.

Amsterdam Modern

Let’s overthink and be artsy. Let’s surf to 032c. You might know the printed art and pop culture magazine, they now have a very well designed and regularly updated website. I often end up looking at the pictures though, as the articles tend to be overinflated with insider art speech. (Reminds me of an art student that talks too much, when you just want to have a beer). Beautiful website. Fantastic topics. Great inspiration.

What Katie ate

Everyone who is interested in media like Newspapers, TV, cinema etc, should watch «The Sweet Spot». These videos by the New York Times are full of fantastic wisdom and wit. David Carr is the coolest guy in the world. And A.O.Scott is the most brilliant movie critic. Go watch it.

Annaleenas hem

If you like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart you will love The Bugle podcast – one of the universe’s leading satirical comedy podcasts, featuring John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman.

The Sartorialist

After work, at around 7 PM, I sometimes check Quartz – an online economics magazine. They manage to be simple, informative, non-distracting, and have a beautiful website. I’m not very educated in economics, but I like to read about it from time to time to get a feeling of how our world is managed and planned… Perhaps to have an understanding of why things are how they are. Money rules the world. If artists would take over world domination, thinks would be – and look – very different.
When i browse the web, I zoom into the websites to make them really big, lay back on my chair and read the articles on my huge screen. That’s how I imagine the future should look like. I have no sympathy for those small phone displays. Looking at them makes you look weak.

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