Blog It: Police, Firefighters And Librarians On Instagram

An inch of Instagram accounts that is worth following.

Not so long ago photographs from the Instagram account of police in Reykjavik incited a wave of tender emotions on the internet. It turned out that Iceland’s defenders of peace and safety like to move on skates, eat cotton candy and squeeze out animals. Bird In Flight found another 12 no less interesting blogs of official institutions.

Police in Columbia

From time to time the police in Columbia catch homemade fishing boats where local drug barons transport multi-ton parties of cocaine. It would be strange if they had a boring Instagram.

Police in Indonesia

The official blog of the Indonesian police entrusted its young employees to take photos. The number of selfies in the blog and the number of those who want to participate in hooliganism anywhere on Bali is steadily on the rise.

Women on duty

Another Instagram – in this case female police in Latin America – prove that their uniforms are automatic weapons that perfectly suited for their look. In two months the blog collected more than two thousand subscribers.

Toronto Zoo

Employees of a zoo in which nearly 500 animals live have an Instagram that sometimes highlight important events: the birthday party of the panda bear, Er Shoona, the birth of Burmese turtles and the gorilla named Johari putting underwear on his head.

San Diego Zoo

The first video posted on YouTube was shot at the San Diego Zoo in California. There are special video formats, for example, the local Komodo dragon carries GoPro on his back.

Australian Zoo

The zoo in the Australian state of Queensland on the Sunshine Coast near Beerwah/Glass House Mountains was founded by relatives of the Australian wildlife expert, television personality and conservationist, Steve Irwin, nicknamed “The Crocodile Hunter.” In the corporate blog employees of the menagerie inform about the healing of the koala bear, Drodo, the visit of American actor Justin Timberlake and the congratulating of rhinoceroses on their international day.

Manchester firefighters

Employees of the firefighting squad in Manchester (UK) publish reports of grueling training sessions and fires, and in their downtime find beauty in their daily routine.

Brooklyn Public Library

The public library in Brooklyn, NY uses hashtag #shelfie for Instagram in which one can find a collection of books by theme: all the works of John Steinbeck, contemporary Chinese literature, pop-art and lots of other things.

Seattle Public Library

In this blog there is loads of stuff. For example, one can leaf through a photo album of a company party “I read forbidden books” and see librarians in the photos.

University of Michigan

Students of the University of Michigan train in putting together words with the letter “M” from anything that works.


Subscribers of the NASA photoblog can follow the progress of construction of the Orion space shuttle intended for transporting people and cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) and flights to the Moon.

Federal Space Agency

In its blog , Roskosmos shows rivers in Bolivia, fields in Mexico, the Colorado Lagoon (Long Beach, California), the active Sakurajima volcano and other objects on the planet look from a bird’s view of the ISS. The authors periodically publish selfs.

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