Blog of the Week: Italy’s Elderly by Tiana Kai

Tiana Kai moved to Italy from Hawaii and started a blog publishing pictures of grandparents who enjoy life in Florence.

The notmynonni blog belongs to Tiana Kai, who was born in Hawaii and now lives in Florence, Italy. She admits that in Italy she is constantly surrounded by pleasant and tastefully dressed elderly people. Since 2013, she has photographed nonni — the Italian word for “grandparents.” The blog is devoted Tiana’s grandfather who grew up in a Sicilian family in New York and was obsessed with everything Italian.

In Tiana’s photos, the older Italians go shopping, ride bikes, have breakfast on a terrace and just enjoy life in Florence. The blogger has published 548 posts, and a search for the hashtag #notmynonni, which she launched, yields more than six-and-a-half thousand pictures of elderly people in different countries and continents. Once a week, Tiana selects the best pictures and publishes them on her personal travel blog.

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