Blog of the Week: Yener Torun’s Turkish City Architecture

32-year-old architect, Yener Torun, photographs contemporary buildings in Turkey, aspiring to prove that local architecture isn't all just about grandiose mosques and old neighborhoods.

Yener Torun has lived in Istanbul for 14 years, and for most of the last year has been taking photos of contemporary architecture, publishing them on Instagram. Yener wants show to a global audience that Turkey has more than ancient mosques, eastern bazaars, and the Bosphorous strait. “I want to show what people usually don’t see. Maybe because of that, even my oldest subscribers can’t believe that most of my photos were taken in Istanbul,” explains the photographer to the journal Dezeen.

In order to create his own style, Yener combined street photography with minimalism; his photography follows the movement of light and shadow. His biggest challenge has been finding appropriate buildings. He looks for rigid forms and colored and patterned facades on industrial buildings, schools, shopping centers, and apartment buildings, “I get into every corner of the city — it’s a kind of treasure hunt for me. When I find the right place, I feel the adrenaline running through my veins,” the photographer admits.

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