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Ships at the bottom of Lake Michigan, coloring for adults, a drone falls into the ocean and Belgian theater skits in Bird In Flight's weekly digest.

A Place for Heroism

Office worker Ben Brucker and his coworkers got tired of gray office walls, so they decorated them with images of superheroes made from 8,024 stickers.

Residue of the Past

The water in Lake Michigan became so transparent that the coast guard was able to see the wreckage of sunken ships there from the sky.

Run, Ryan, Run

Photographer Ryan Chatfield was able to catch his drone a moment before it fell into the ocean.

National Theater

Painters Ludovic Nobailou and Antonia Taddey decided to turn the streets of the Belgian city, Mons, into a stage of theater performances and invited 900 local people. Google Street View helped them spread their idea throughout the world.

What Girls Are Made of

A series by photographer Kate Parker shows the mature strength and emotions of her daughters, Alice and Elle.

My Style

Young designer Sarah Marshall redrew the logos of Subway, Skype, Evian, Flickr and six other brands.

Without Witnesses

If you want to capture your proposal on an uninhabited beach, do what Kurt Gees did and give your camera to your dog.

The New Color

Canadian artist Steve MacDonald created a coloring book with the architecture of big cities, seemingly New York and San Francisco.

Spinning-out Sculptures

For her pieces, Los Angeles artist Jen Stark uses multicolor paper and monochrome cubes.

Ice Stands Still

Time seems to have come to a standstill in the photos of frozen waterfalls by Japanese photographer, Hayato Wakabayashi.

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