The Philosophical Instagram of Andrew Zonzini

Satire is the theme — on sex, religion, politics and mass media in the blog of a 34-year-old graphic designer from San Marino.

Designer Andrew Zonzini lives in San Marino and publishes minimalist images on Instagram that have provocative and satirical content. The pictures seem like they’ve been doctored, but Zonzini doesn’t use Photoshop, “The images that interact with the model in the photographs are attached to a wall using double-sided tape. I do a photo shoot, then take the stickers home with me. Now they adorn the walls of my garage,” the designer explained to Bird In Flight.

Despite the fact that the blog already has more than 62,000 followers, Zonzini still hasn’t found the time or desire to make his own site. Nevertheless, he already gets orders (for example, for product placement) from companies that found him through Instagram, and he’s preparing for a personal exhibition.

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