Stolbyshking by Anton Charushin

Russian photographer Anton Charushin travels around the world, taking pictures of himself standing on his head.

To take interesting photos of famous sights from his travels, engineer and photographer Anton Charushin of Moscow decided to take pictures of himself standing on his head. He named this type of photo “Stolbyshking” (analogous to planking, where the general rule is to lay on your stomach in unpredictable places with your arms by your side).

The idea was born in May, 2013 when Charushin took a picture of himself in an empty park in Barcelona and published the photo on his Instagram. Since then, he has stood on his head in Mongolia, Indonesia, Norway, Finland and other countries. The only things Anton needs are a small, flat area for his head and another person who can help with taking the shot. Charushin created the #stolbyshking hashtag for his photos.

“A funny incident happened in Vietnam,” the photographer told the site TJ in an interview, “when two Korean tourists who were walking by me were laughing pretty loud and began taking pictures of each other.” Now Charushin is continues working as a design engineer, but takes short trips more often in order to take more pictures.

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