The Production of Exquisite Globes

Peter Bellerby of Britain took notice of the lack of beautiful, well-made globes and decided to make them himself. Producing the first one cost him 80,000 pounds.

The story of British studio Bellerby & Co. began when its founder, Peter Bellerby, decided to make a globe for his father’s 80th birthday. “After searching for a globe for my father for two years I came to a crossroads: buy a modern, politically-mapped globe, buy a rickety and expensive antique one that wouldn’t be good for everyday use, or make one myself,” Bellerby remembers.

“It should have taken three to four months and cost several thousand pounds. After all, it isn’t that difficult to make a big ball and stamp a map on it, is it?” This is what Bellerby thought before beginning his research on the globe market. In total he spent about £80,000. Bellerby made his first globe in 2010, and his work can now be seen in Hollywood movies and on channels BBC and ITV.

Bellerby & Co. does not conduct tours of its studio, but you can follow them on Instagram and see how to cut pieces of card, paste them on the base, and how to apply the final touches of watercolor on each globe.

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