The Week’s Links

Robot-flowers, fiction characters on Starbucks cups, maps on clothes, and Afghan skateboarders in the weekly issue of Bird In Flight.

Color Me

The mermaid on the Starbucks paper cup will never be same thanks to the author of the Sleevebucks blog.

Hallows by Mistake

Historian Paul Koudounaris took photos of skeletons that were wrongly taken for the martyrs in 1578.

Fairy Shadows

You will need a flashlight to read a children book by Megumi Kajiwara and Tathuhiko Nijima.

Paper Owls

British artist Zack McLaughlin knows how to professionally work with wood and paper.

How Can I Get to a Museum?

Monochome turns any map into a print on clothes.

Colorful Boat

Sir Peter Blake will take passengers to a dazzling ship of his own design.

As you Wish

Engineer Sean Stevens and artist Ashley Newton created flowers that can be controled by the power of your thoughts.

Afghan Extreme

It’s forbidden in Afghanistan for women to ride bicycles, so they use skateboards. Photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson met girls for whom skateboarding became sport #1.

Crystal Holes

Artist Paige Smith decorates the nooks and crannies in the sides of buildings and walls on the streets of Los Angeles with the geodes made of paper and resin casts.

Ice is Slowly Melting

Photographer Michael Massaia found a perfect metaphor of the childhood memories in melting ice cream.

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