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Foxes from Chukotka, metropolises with the lights off, exploding flowers and best shots made with drones.

Under the Ground

The Guardian chose 12 of the world’s most beautiful subway stations. The selection features undergrounds of New York, Paris, Warsaw, Kyiv and seven other cities.

Star Trek

A brand new glowing bicycle path inspired by Van Gogh was built in the Netherlands.

Into the Wild

Martin Hill creates sculptures and exhibits them in desolated places outside.

What Does the Fox Say?

Ivan Kislov photographs foxes in Arctic prairies. The animals are very friendly – they get closer to the photographer, letting him to take close ups.

Back to the Future

Artist Joe Forkan who got inspired by classical art illustrated scenes from The Big Lebowski. His works look like Titian’s or Caravaggio’s fan art themed on Coen brothers’ films.

Getting Over It

Photographer Carl Pendle put the camera above his Hasselblad’s viewfinder and made a video about how he photographs people.

Silent Night

Thierry Cohen imagined how Hong Kong, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro would look like with the lights off.

From Above

Mashable posted best drone photos. Some of their authors have already been featured in our article on bird’s-eye view photography.

Shoot It Down

Martin Klimas explodes flowers. He just dips them into the liquid nitrogen and then shoots away with the water gun.

Negative Side

Artist Nick Gentry creates portraits using film negatives and oil paint.

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