Photographer Makes 1200 Portraits of New Yorkers

J.Shotti created a photobook documenting the life of New Yorkers.

In New York on March 23rd, J.Shotti’s book Every Two Weeks – an experimental documentary project about the residents of the city that never sleeps – will be presented.

After accidentally finding a Polaroid camera in a family member’s house, J.Shotti decided to spend two weeks walking the NYC streets and taking photos of everyone who would agree to be photographed. He made 100 photos a day, which totaled about 1200 images by the end of the project. To complete the project, Shotti decided to publish a book. For the publication, he and Stella Giovanni Studio selected 350 of the best photos.

“There is something for all of us to relate to in this book—family, fun, heartache, depression, hopelessness, excitement and passion. These are human emotions we all go through no matter our age, gender, race or nationality,” he commented in an interview with PDN.

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