The Week’s Links

Frozen soap bubbles, the businesses of Pokémon, Piet Mondrian out of legos and emoji-portraits of celebrities in Bird In Flight’s weekly digest.

Dancing on Bones

József Hajdú photographed “riobra” — old x-rays that were used to record bootlegged foreign records in the Soviet Union.

Leaving its Mark

Carter Asmann’s creative approach to coffee marks on paper.

Constructing a Masterpiece

Jon Rolph created a Piet Mondrian reproduction using legos.

The Photographer Knows

Hope Carter blows soap bubbles in the cold and captures the intricate patterns before they disappear forever.

Face to Face

Yung Jake draws realistic portraits of celebrities using emojis using the app.

Lucid Dreams

While Rufus sleeps, Sara Rehnmark takes pictures of him as a housekeeper, magician and photographer.

A Picturesque Exit

Fashion house Viktor & Rolf presented its spring collection of haute couture inspired by the paintings of Van Gogh.

The Power of Water

In 2004, Pierre Carreau quit his job in IT and went to the island of Saint Barthelemy, where he has been taking pictures of waves for more than a decade.

Bottoms Up

American skyscrapers and stalactites inspired designer David Graas to create unusual bulb shades.

Pikachu Inc.

Sebastiaan de With imagined what business various Pokémon would start and designed brand identities of their companies.

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