Artist And Dog Visit Majestic Places in America

An American illustrator makes photos of his dog using beautiful American landscapes as backdrops.

After two years of traveling across American with his dog, Wolfgang, illustrator John Stortz temporarily settled down in California and began uploading photos from his trip, writes In his blog John and Wolf Strortz has more than 100 photos of his dog in beautiful settings. The majority of the images were captured in the Western part of the country: in Bronson Canyon and Death Valley in California, Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and other beautiful places. The artist calls his current location “temporary,” so that means that we can expect more pictures from new places in the future.

“There are many places on Earth that I’d say you should see before you die, somewhere near the top of that list is Glacier National Park. Lose yourself in a hike and you’ll forget what decade it is. Lose yourself for a day and you’ll question what century you’re living in,” writes Storz about one of his images.

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