Artist Tramples Picture On Snow

50 volunteers helped Sonja Hinrichsen draw a river on a frozen reservoir lake.

After a seminar regarding water issues of the Colorado River system, artist Sonja Hinrichsen enriched her “Snow Drawing” collection with a new drawing on ice, writes A frozen reservoir lake in the Yampa River basin was used as a canvass. 50 volunteers helped the artist make a drawing, which demonstrates the river flow and its four main tributaries. For four hours snowshoe performers drew spirals and lines on the surface of deep snow. The artist asked the participants to feel like a flowing river. Hinrichsen captured the work the next morning from an airplane.

“Although flowing as one body of water, each performer — like an individual drop of water — was asked to take into consideration how water moves, how it can be fast or slow, take a straight course or meander, bump up against rocks, whirl around obstacles, linger in puddles or race down rapids,” Hinrichsen described.

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Earlier Conja Hinrichsen has made similar drawings on the Catamount Lake, Rabbit Ears Pass and other places in the Yampa River basin.

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