Frei Otto is Awarded the Priyzker Prize Posthumously

Jury has announced that the architect has won the prize of 2015 one day after his death.

The jury of the Priyzker Prize (comparable to the Nobel prize in architecture) announced that Frei Otto, 89, who passed away on Monday, would be awarded the prize in 2015, said The New York Times. The jury was able to inform Frei Otto about the award when they visited him at home before his death.

The prize for achievements and ideas in building design is awarded annually to architects. Otto, who was widely known for his design of the 1972 Olympics stadium in Munich, became the first winner to receive the award posthumously.

“Throughout his life, Frei Otto has produced imaginative, fresh, unprecedented spaces and constructions. He has also created knowledge. Herein resides his deep influence: not in forms to be copied, but through the paths that have been opened by his research and discoveries,” wrote the judges.

{ “img”: “/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/T61J3GUNFPlK1-OJDXn_Xg.jpg”, “text”: “Frei Otto’s Olympics stadium in Munich” }

On May 15th the official award ceremony will be held with past Priyzker laureates speaking about Frei Otto’s life and work.

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