HBO announces premiere date for Banksy

Director Chris Moukarbel made a documentary series about the underground artist and his works created in October 2013.

This fall, American cable channel HBO will be presenting a documentary series Banksy Does New York. According to the press-release, the film culls together fan-generated footage of the murals, sculptures and performance art pieces that the reclusive artist posted throughout the five boroughs that fascinated residents and frustrated the graffiti police. The director is Chris Moukarbel who used crowd-sourced footage that New Yorkers posted online.

Note: Banksy is a street artist, activist, painter and film maker who is working incognito. He is best known for his subversive, political brand of art, usually posted in and around England. His film Exit Through The Gift Shop (2011) was met with universal acclaim and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

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