Instagram of The Day: Live Webcast Of Births

American photographer Cate DePrisco posts photostreams from maternity clinics.

Photographer Cate DePrisco posts photos of her project Instabirthstory on Instagram. The project involves collecting photo stories about giving birth. DePrisco receives invitations from women who want to have their birthing experience documented; she goes to delivery units and broadcasts the events. DePrisco posts captions on discussions with the parents-to-be about their emotions on having a child. She also talks with their friends.

Recently she published the story of the birth of a first baby in the Ashers family:

… And so it begins! We were expecting this #instabirthstory to be a fast one based on this mama's history with her 2 boys but we'll see!

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It's 2:30am… Is it too late for a midnight snack? #instabirthstory #birthstory

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We're at a 6 and breaking the water. #instabirthstory #birthstory

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