June Photo Contests

Contest for the best British portrait, $10,000 for the best portfolio, grant for female photographers and other possibilities of the month.
Cover photo: Alice van Kempen / Smithsonian Photo Contest

At the beginning of each month Bird In Flight updates you about photo contests for both professional photographers and photography lovers.

Portrait of Britain

Deadline: June 20, 2016.
Entry fee: £10 for one photo, £25 for three, and £35 for ten photos.
Award: participation in the exhibition.

Portrait contest organized by British Journal of Photography. Photographers of any nationality are eligible to apply, however, the images must depict subjects living in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) at the time of the photograph. The best works will be a part of a nationwide exhibition that will show the face of modern Britain.

Exposure Photography Awards

Deadline: June 23, 2016.
Entry fee: $55 until June 16, $65 until the deadline.
Award: $10,000 for the overall winner and $5,000 for The Vox Populi awardee, publication in the PDN magazine and participation in the New York exhibition.

To participate one has to upload his or her portfolio – up to 30 images with a short description – onto the contest’s website. Winner of The Exposure Award will be chosen by the jury, while the photographer who gets the highest number of user votes will receive The Vox Populi Award. The best photographs will be included in the photo book, and their authors will get a trip to New York.

Tokyo International Photography Festival

Deadline: June 28, 2016.
Entry fee: $35.
Award: participation in the group exhibition for eight best photographers, a trip to Tokyo for the Grand Prize winner.

International contest for photographers over 18. This year’s theme is “Origin”; to participate one has to submit a series that consists of up to six photographs.

Urban Photo Fest

Deadline: June 30, 2016.
Entry fee: £5 for one image or £15 for four images.
Award: Fuji Compact System X-T1 camera and participation in the mentorship program for the winner, participation in the Summer School at the University of London for the runner-up.

International contest of street photography. This year’s theme is “(re:) Thinking the Street,” the best works will be showcased at an exhibition in London.

Life Framer 2016

Deadline: June 30, 2016.
Entry fee: $20 for one image, $30 for three, $40 for five, and $80 for the contest subscription and the ability to submit the unlimited number of photographs.
Award: $1,000 for the monthly winner, participation in the international exhibition in London, Rome, Tokyo and New York.

This June the Life Framer contest accepts submissions for an open theme. The winner will be chosen by the GUP Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Katherine Oktober Matthews.

Monochrome Awards 2016

Deadline: July 3, 2016.
Entry fee: $20 per image for the professionals, $15 for the amateurs.
Award: $2,000 for the winner in the professional category, $1,000 for the winner among amateurs.

International contest of black and white photography. Entries are being accepted in 13 categories including Architecture, Fashion, and Documentary photography.

The Pano Awards 2016

Deadline: July 10, 2016.
Entry fee: $16-$22 depending on the category.
Award: The total prize pool is $60,000 , including $25,000 cash. First prize in each of the categories – $3,000, trophy, large-format printer Epson Stylus Pro P-7070, and $600 voucher for the music purchase.

The panoramic photography contest is organized by the manufacturer of printing machinery, Epson. Photos are being accepted in three different categories: Nature (separately for professionals and amateurs), Architecture (also separated) and Open VR for 360° panoramas.

ArtGemini Prize

Deadline: July 10, 2016.
Entry fee: £20 for one photograph, £45 for three photographs, £10 per each additional entry.
Award: £1,000 and £750 for two winners in the photography category, participation in the exhibition in London.

British contest of contemporary art for photographers, artists and sculptors. Photography of all genres is eligible for participation, a separate prize of £500 will be given for the photograph that collects the highest number of user votes. Winners are to be announced at the finalists’ exhibition, on September 22-30.

Julia Cameron Award

Deadline: July 18, 2016.
Entry fee: $45 for one image and $10 for each additional one; $60 for the series of four to five images.
Award: participation in Berlin Foto Biennale 2016.

Contest for female photographers accepts submissions in 16 categories, including Mobile Photography, Fashion and Advertising, Portraits and Sport. The winner will be chosen by Andréa Holzherr – Curator at Ecole du Louvre and Global Exhibitions Director at Magnum Photos.

Smithsonian Photo Contest 2016

Deadline: November 30, 2016.
No entry fee.
Award: $2,500 for the grand prize winner, $500 for the category winners.

Photography contest organized by the Works are being accepted in nine categories, 15 photographs per each.

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