New York Times Published a Photo Project About American Pilots Fighting ISIS

The project Pilots Fighting ISIS was presented on the first anniversary of the air attack of US troops on Islamic State militants.

On 16 September New York Times published a photo project The Pilots Fighting ISIS about American pilots who participated in military operations against ISIS.

The series is composed of 10 portraits of servicemen who talk about their work.

“I wanted to have some adventures, do some good in the world, serve my country and make sure I have some stories to tell when I get old.” – one of the participants of the project, Navy Weapons officer John Izzo says.

The air attack of the American troops on ISIS started a year ago. In this time more than 4,700 airstrikes on Iraq and Syria territories were carried out.

You can find out more about the project on New York Times website.

{“img”: “”, “text”: “Navy Weapons Officer Lt. Michael Smallwood. Call sign: Bones”},
{“img”: “”, “text”: “Call sign: Yard Sale”},
{“img”: “”, “text”: “Navy Weapons Officer John Izzo. Call sign: Sweet P”}

(All photos credit Adam Ferguson/New York Times.)

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