Rare Eagle-owl the Photographer Was Looking For Landed on His Head

Photographers went to a town in the north of the Netherlands, hoping to spot a rare bird.

Dutch photographer was looking for a rare eagle-owl, hoping to capture it, when the bird landed on his head, Telegraph writes.

This happened in Hilversum in the north of the Netherlands, where several photographers went when they heard about a huge Eurasian eagle-owl, spotted by the locals.

“We were all there waiting to see if we could spot this owl and photographers had come from all over to see it as it is a really magnificent bird. Everyone had set up their cameras but were yet to spot it. Suddenly out of nowhere this huge shape appeared and landed on one of the photographer’s heads, — Chris Meewis, one of the photographers, said. — When I got home to show my family and friends, everyone laughed so much at the picture, some people thought I had messed with the picture in Photoshop but it was real.”


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