Street Artist Shot Dead While Painting Anti-Violence Mural in the US

27-year-old Antonio Ramos was killed by an unidentified shooter who is still at large.

On Tuesday, September 29, 27-year-old street artist Antonio Ramos was shot dead while creating an anti-violence mural in one of the districts of Oakland (California, USA), ArtNet reports.

It is reported that the shooting was the result of a heated argument between Ramos and an unidentified person. The shooter left the scene immediately and is currently still at large.

“It’s the most heart-wrenching, most senseless thing that I can imagine,” Oakland City Councilman Dan Kalb said. “Here are young folks trying to do something positive for the community, and this happens.”

Ramos was commissioned by Attitudinal Healing Connection to create the mural. This is the organization that aims to prevent the spread of violence by introducing art and education to the local population.

Oakland is one of the most criminal cities in the USA. According to the FBI, in 2005 it placed first by the number of killings in California and tenth in the US among cities with population exceeding 250,000.

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