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Heavy Metal fans, sculptures made from plastic and books, sea of fog in Grand Canyon and re-assessed design presented in the weekly digest of Bird In Flight.

Illustrative Material

Artist Victor Nunes uses everything that falls under the arm for creating illustration.

Sensor Art

Master of installations Aakash Nihalani created a series of the works which interact with a person standing nearby.

Metal Detector

Baltimore based photographer J.M.Giordano visited more than sixty death metal concerts and captured excited fans.

Off the Mainstream!

Infographics, artisanal design, letter press and Helvetica – readers of Co. Design selected eight of the Most Overrated Graphic Design.

Hard-to-Reach Backboneless

Photographer Susan Middleton lures invertebrates from the ocean’s deep, puts them in an aquarium with clean water and photographs them for a book.

Grand Canyon Covered in Fog

A rare chance to see how Grand Canyon turns into a sea of fog in 15 minutes.

Tile Setter

Street artist Diogo Machado decorates Lisbon with tiles and optic illusions.

Book Block

New York based artists Brian Dettmer cuts sculptures from books and claims that they are similar to DJ’s mixes — something new is created from something already existing.

Greetings from Fairy Tales!

Kiev-based photographer Anita Anti imagines what characters of famous fairy tales would look like in a real life.

Soft Cacti

Artist Veronika Richterova created sculptures out of plastic from 2004.

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