Supermodel Coco Rocha Publishes Book On How To Pose Correctly

Canadian model Coco Rocha and photographer Steven Sebring are co-authors of a book about beauty and the abilities of the human body.

Steven Serbing, a fashion photographer, filmmaker and multimedia artist in collaboration with Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha, who was featured in the ads of Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana и Yves Saint Laurent, has published the book «Study of Pose».

Coco Rocha earned international fame in the fashion industry and became muse of Steven Sebring because of her uncanny ability to strike distinctive, camera-ready poses. In Study of Pose, Sebring and Rocha have documented 1,000 unique poses. Photos feature Rocha in a simple white leotard while she is bending, jumping, sitting, standing, and everything in between to demonstrate the abilities of the human body.

The book is available for preorder from for $40.65. Set includes an interactive mobile app, which contains 3 D images of the 1,000 poses of Coco Rocha.

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