The Street Artist Put a Painter Who Erased His Graffiti on the Wall

Combo from Paris turned a worker who covered his graffiti into a wall painting.

Combo, a street artist from Paris, turned a painter who covered his grafitti into art, Meduza reports.

It is reported that first the street artist pasted the walls of the city buildings with ducklings from DuckTales depicted as graffiti artists, along with the unfinished phrase: “What I hate about autumn…”. Then, Combo asked his subscribers on Facebook to finish the phrase, and he later used several endings to the phrase in his works.

Several days after that the artist managed to take a picture of an anonymous painter who was covering a part of one of his works.

“What I hate about autumn: When they make me erase those damn graffitis” – Combo commented on what had happened and immortalized the painter right at the same spot he had earlier covered.

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(Photo: Combo Culture Kidnapper.)


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