American Family Invents Replacement for Selfie Stick

StuckOnz can be used instead of tripod or selfie-stick, as a handsfree accessory or phone holder.

Michael and Jeri Archuleta, a couple from Austin, TX, is raising money to begin production of StuctOnz, a cover that allows phones and iPads to adhere to most smooth, flat surfaces. StuckOnz is made from millions of microscopic suction “cups” specially designed for the back panel of a cell phone and will allow it to stick it to a wall or a mirror.

The couple plans to sell StuckOnz for $5 and suggests using it to take group photos or selfies or to use it as an accessory to talk on Skype or watch TV while cooking in the kitchen.

The Archuleta family has raised more than $10,000, approximately $7,000 more than they originally intended.

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