First Camera In Space For Sale At Auction

According to a forward estimate the Hasselblad 500 may cost more than $100,000.

The camera Hasselblad 500c that has gone into space twice will be available for sale at the RR Auction Gallery (Boston, USA) next Thursday. The first time it was used was in 1962 for Wally Schirra’s nine hour Mercury-Atlas 8 expedition. The second time was for Gordon Cooper’s Mercury-Atlas 9 mission, which lasted 34 hours. Hasselblad 500c was not only used to make documentaries, it was utilized to conduct on-orbit tests to improve cameras used in weather satellites.

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The camera is accompanied by Zeiss lens, film magazine, copies of the photos made with the camera, astronauts’ handwritten notes on experiments conducted with it and documents signed by Gordon Cooper, which prove the authenticity of the camera.

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