A project of instant lomo camera is presented on Kickstarter

Company Lomography is collecting funds for Lomo'Instant - a vintage camera that uses instant exposure film.

“We began work on creation of a camera that combines our passion for instant analog photography with technical experience. More importantly, we wanted to create a fun camera equipped with unique options and unlimited possibilities for experimentation, – as explained in Lomography’s statement on the website Kickstarter. According to the company’s plans, the serial production of the camera will begin in November, its approximate price will be $120-$150.

Lomo’Instant comes with 3 lens sets – wide angle with focus distance of 27 mm, portrait (35 mm) and “fisheye” with observation angle of 170°. The camera is loaded with Fujifilm Instax Mini instant film brand – the most popular and widely available film on the market.

Lomocamera will operate in 3 modes – automatic, manual with flash and without flash. While shooting throughout lengthy exposures it will be possible to turn off the light. Also Lomo’Instant will be capable of creating multiexpositional shots, with unlimited amount of double exposures.

Lomo’Instant has the widest span of diaphragm among instant cameras – from f/8 to f/32, and the shutter speed – 1/125 of a second. The camera is equipped with a tripod mount and operates on AAA batteries.

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