Video of the Day: Kinetic Chandelier in St. Petersburg

A structure with moving lights may take the shape of constellation, jelly fish, wave or anything else.

Ascreen Interactive Media posted a video depicting a kinetic chandelier installed in the multi-format space of Leningrad center in St.Petersburg.

A chandelier is located in the center of big auditorium and works on the basis of LED kinetic system. It has 1,089 light bulbs, which are moving according to set parameters. They change color and position. The designers are hoping to create opportunities for multi-media artists to allow them to create light installations and performances.

“Kinetic structure is controlled by a computer. For every event, it could be a play or music performance, we’ll develop certain script, which will set movement and colors. Thus, the chandelier may take shape of a jelly fish or a constellation, imitate the Northern Lights, fuff or commotion of waves. And it can be accompanied by music or singing,” explained the experts of Ascreen.

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