VSCO launches new service for personal projects

Creators of photo application VSCO Cam began private beta-testing of their new product Journal - a photography-centric longform publishing platform

On the 6th of August American company Visual Supply Co. announced the launch of a new department on their site – VSCO Journal. According to its developers, “it’s a tool for anyone, anywhere to create original long-form content”. Journal is a free, minimalist, mobile-first experience for telling narratives through images, videos, and words.

In the future, the creators of the platform promise to expand its functionality, for now giving a few examples of how one can utilize VSCO Journal. There are already several existing projects within this new service, – by Nour El Refai, a photographer based in Egypt (Indian women), street photographer Sierra Odessa (why familiar places grow and change), and KangHee Kim (Paris through eyes of a traveler).

“img”: “http://vsco.co/i/53e10cc4596808ac6b8b4671”,
“alt”: “VSCO launches new service for personal projects 1”
“img”: “http://vsco.co/i/53e10cc1596808c9538b46a9”,
“alt”: “VSCO launches new service for personal projects 2”
“img”: “http://vsco.co/i/53e1385c59680859568b45dd”,
“alt”: “VSCO launches new service for personal projects 3”

Note:Visual Supply Co. was founded in 2011 in Oakland, California (USA) and became famous for its free photo editing app VSCO Cam for iOS and Android. Over 30 million photographs on Instagram were tagged with #vsco. Aside from that, the team is working on developing tools Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture.

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