Associated Press is Accused of Being Politically Biased

A photojournalist and a photo editor is accused with promoting the interests of the US Democratic Party.

American news resource Breitbart and members of the Republican Party in the US have accused the Associated Press of having a biased approach and promoting the interests of the Democratic Party.

The questions were raised after the AP published photos of Presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Ted Cruz, who supports gun rights. The images by press photographer Charlie Neibergall feature Cruz in front of a poster with a pistol that appears like a gun is pointed at Cruz’s head. According to American conservatives, the AP photo editor should have selected another photo made from a different angle, but instead he selected an images proving AP’s political bias.

AP’s vice president & director of media relations replied that “the images were not intended to portray Senator Cruz in a negative light.” The presidential candidate himself said that the information agency would face much more troubles if the photographer would portray a candidate from the Democratic Party in a similar way.

(Cover photo by AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

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