Bolt photomessenger appeared in the Instagram announcement

Some Instagram users were invited to download Bolt — a new application for photo sharing

The morning of July 24th the Android users came across a download link on Instagram that took them to Bolt Messenger, advertising it as its new application, according to The Verge. The link that took them to a nonexistent page of Google Play remained on Instagram for about fifteen minutes and then got deleted. The Verge
suggests that it could have been test-launching of promo banners and not Instagram’s separate product. The company representatives haven’t commented on the situation just yet.

“img”: “/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/instagram_bolt_01.jpg”,
“alt”: “Bolt photomessenger appeared in the Instagram announcement”,
“text”: “Source: The Verge”

Facebook, Inc. that owns Instagram practices testing of new functions through its applications for Android and iOS. Before the launch of Slingshot Messenger there were some rumors about another developing product of Facebook — Talptalk, the application for immediate photo sharing. It’s quite possible that the concept above found its resolution in Bolt.

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