Dutch Artist Makes EYEs

Lucas De Man constructed five interactive sculptures of enormous pupils. The exhibit opened in the streets of the artist's hometown.

Artist Lucas De Man created an interactive installation EYE for his native town of Hertogenbosch. The project combines elements of performance, installation, animation and sound design. Semi-spheres made in a shape of a human eye were placed in front of a theatre, a hospital, factory, business centre and water tower.

Each EYE opens to reveal an small, one-seat, room. Visitors can observe a landscape through the open pupil, with music accompaniment. Then, a voice says, “What do you see?” The pupil closes and an animated film about the city and its people is played. When the pupil opens again, the question is repeated. The author is attempting to overcome anonymousness and create connections between people and their landscape.

“City which has eyes – is a free city,” explains Lucas De Man. “No closed doors and windows, only open spaces. We gave eyes to the city, so people could hang above it and just look around.”

In 2015 the EYE will appear in other cities too. The duration of each session is about 20 minutes and the price of visiting – €10.

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