ARTnews and Art in America Announce Merger

Together they will become the biggest art edition in the world.

ARTnews and Art in America, two of the oldest American art magazines, announced a merger, writes New York Times. They are following a goal of creating the biggest art publication in the world. According to ArtNet, it will be easier to find readers in the digital media era.

Currently, the control block of shares belongs to newsprint magnate Peter Brant. Before the merger he already owned four art and design publication, including Art in America.

According to Brant, Artnews will concentrate on special themed editions. Art in America will continue its publication schedule of 11 issues a year. Both magazines will publish their texts on one site The merger of the magazines will not lead to the staff reductions.

ARTnews and Art in America were founded in 1902 and 1913 respectively.

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