Illustrator Nick Sousanis Publishes Dissertation as a Graphic Novel

It is a first doctoral dissertation that was prepared in graphic novel format.

Last week the Theory and Practice website wrote that this spring the Harvard University Press published “Unflattening,” a doctoral dissertation by Nick Sousanis that was completed in 2014 at Columbia University.

The idea behind the Sousanis’s dissertation should not be distinguished from its shape. His research features the interconnected problem between verbal and visual content. The scientist underlines that the images and words should be considered as equal instruments for transferring information. Despite the fact that verbal tradition dominates in Western culture, the visual channel is also very important.

“Nick Sousanis’s “Unflattening” is a complex, beautiful, delirious meditation on just about everything under the sun; a unique and bracing read,” said Scott McCloud, an animator and a theoretician of the cartoon.

Sousanic published fragments from “Unflattening” in his blog. Currently, he teaches at the University of Calgary.

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(Photo on the cover: Nick Sousanis/Harvard University Press)

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