A Painting with 42 Cats Sold for $826,000

Before the auction began, the estimated cost of Carl Kahler's work was about $300,000.

On Tuesday, November 3, My Wife’s Lovers, a painting by the Austrian artist Carl Kahler, which features 42 cats, was sold at the auction organized by Sotheby’s for $826,000, Artnet writes.

Before the auction began, the estimated cost of the painting, which was called ‘the world’s greatest painting of cats’ by Cat Magazine in 1949, was $300,000. However, an anonymous buyer was ready to purchase it for 2.75 times as much. According to Artnet calculation, it means that he or she paid $19,666 for each depicted cat.

My Wife’s Lovers was commissioned in 1891 by Kate Birdsall Johnson, a millionaire from San Francisco, who had more than 350 cats on her farm and left $500,000 for their care after her death.

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