Mack releases photobook by Joanna Piotrowska

Publisher Mack releases a book by the winner of its 2014 First Book Award

Joanna Piotrowska’s book that won Mack’s First Book Award in April this year has just been published by the London-based publisher. “Frawst” features a collection of black-and-white photographs of members of Piotrowska’s family and explores the subject of the family relationships, which can be difficult yet still rewarding.

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The First Book Award is awarded to a photographer who has not yet had a book published, and the winner is chosen by a jury. On the jury this year was publisher Michael Mack, curator of photographs at the National Media Museum in Bradford Greg Hobson, director of special projects at the Wilson Centre for Photography Polly Fleury, editor of Photoworks magazine Ben Burbridge, and Fiona Parker, representative of Magnum Photo Agency.

The book is available for purchase at Mack’s online store for $40.

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