Nighttime in NYC is Shot From a Helicopter at 2,300m

Photographer presents New York City as a brain; streets look like synapses.

While on an assignment for Men’s Health Magazine, a photojournalist and Pulitzer winner Vincent Laforetе completed the photo project Gotham 7.5k (Gotham is a nickname for New York City) about “the city that never sleeps.” To illustrate New York’s scenario, the photographer shot from the open door of a helicopter at the height of 2,300m.

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Laforet said that he always thought that from high altitudes the streets looked like brain synapses. He admitted that he wanted to make these pictures since he was a teen, but cameras simply have not been technically capable until now. In his blog, Laforet wrote that he plans to make photos of other megalopolises as well.

Also, Laforet published a backstage video of his project.

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