Pepsi Recreates Process of Nuclear Fission

A crew used mousetraps and ping pong balls to demonstrate the physical process of nuclear fission.

To celebrate the beginning of 2015, Pepsi, together with the London-based HarrimanSteel Production Studio, made a video recreating the process of nuclear fission.

To make the video, the team of 42 people needed a mirror room, mirror pipe, 2,100 ping pong balls, 1,650 mousetraps, and 120 meters of LED lights. The crew set up the mousetraps with ping pong balls all over the room. Then they started shooting, and triggered a mousetrap which started the fission reaction which catapulted all the ping pong balls into the air. In an interview with It’s Nice That the art director of the video said that it was planned as a fun experiment to demonstrate the “basics” of nuclear fission by science teachers in schools.

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