Photographer Launches Kickstarter For Help With Legal Fees

A freelancer accused of selling photos to “adult sources” is trying to raise money to defend himself in court.

Last week a photographer from Ohio (USA), Joshua Resnick, launched a crowd funding campaign to raise money to pay lawyer bills. Last year, a model, Nicole Forni, went to court claiming that Resnick sold her photos to pornographic web resources and requested a compensation of $500,000. The photographer says that the photos of the model wearing lingerie appeared on the “adults only” sites because they were stolen from her Facebook page.

News that model Nicole Forni filed a suit against freelance photographer Joshua Resnick appeared in May of 2014. Forni says that in 2013 she has agreed to model for Resnick and according to the rules of an oral agreement the model did not receive a payment, only photos for her portfolio, while the photographer had a right to sell images to the stock photo agents. After that, the photos appeared on pornographic sites, in ads for adult movies, erotic books and toys, escort, and strip clubs.

Recently, Resnick made a statement concerning the issue. He claims that he paid an honorarium to the model and explained to her that stock photo banks, where her pictures will be placed, prohibit pornographic use. Therefore, Resnick suspects that pornographic companies stole the images from the Forni’s Facebook page, where the images were uploaded by the model herself.

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