Photographer Shares 13 Thoughts About Photography

Metthew Rycroft created a list of interesting facts about photo industry .

Photographer Metthew Rycroft published a video with 13 thoughts about photography. According to him these insights will “bend your mind”. Rycroft says that the video is a product of a “joint cooperation” because each of his thoughts weres inspired by publications posted on Reddit.

1. Taking a photograph is like taking a screenshot of life.

2. You are in the background of other people’s holidays photos.

3. Before photography people didn’t know what they looked like as children.

4. Before photography nobody knew what they looked like with their eyes closed.

5. The two ends of a panorama are set in at two different points in time.

6. Before color photography there was no good reason to take photographs of rainbows.

7. An older photograph of you is of your younger self.

8. The photograph of you that might be displayed at your funeral might already exist.

9. Camera lenses are circular but photographs are rectangular.

10. The word should be pronounced “photo”-“graphy”

11. You Instagram account is a reverse timeline of your life in photos, from old to young.

12. Taking photos of your food is like taking “before” photos of your poop.

13. Every photo that you take is a once in a lifetime photo. Make it awesome.

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