Photographer Making a Thousand Year Image

An American, Jonathon Keats, wants to capture how civilization changes over time.

At the Arizona State University Art Museum in Tempe, an American photographer, Jonathon Keats, installed a self-made pinhole camera and began making an image with a one thousand year exposure, writes Petapixel. His idea is to capture how civilization changes over time.

In the body of a camera made out of solid metal, Keats made a minuscule pinhole. The camera only allows a microscopic amount of light. The image will not be completed before the spring of 3015. The camera is installed at the museum’s sculpture garden trellis and pointed at the city’s skyline.

“I’ll be dead. But I don’t regret it at all. For me, it’s much more interesting to be here today, seeing the behavior of people who know they’re being watched by the unborn, and also to be watched myself, living vicariously as a future memory of the next millennium,” said Keats.

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