Photographer Binds Himself To A Motorcycle

Using an extreme technique photographer Matthew Jones achieved a better angle.

Photographer Matthew Jones published a video from the backstage of his last series about a motorcyclist. To create the effect of motion, the photographer put on rollerblades, tied himself with a rope to a motorcycle.

Usually these kinds of shoots are done from inside of a car. Jones confessed that at first he was just experimenting, trying to combine his two passions, but didn’t fully understand what he could achieve with his dangerous technique. But, as a result, following his intuition, he discovered better angles and didn’t miss any good shots because of the limitations of a car.

“With shooting action on blades I feel that it provides a directly irreplaceable connection with the subject. There is no shouting at your chase car’s pilot to speed up, or slow down. And there are no window pillars or door frames confining you to a designated shooting space. Forget replicating the sense of motion in Photoshop or tirelessly editing out a bulky rig – the freedom is completely yours, and the decision to jump from left to right, high to low, or even speed up at a moments notice is entirely up to you. And best of all, it’s all natural,”
says the photographer.

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