Photos From Conflict Zones Appear On New York Streets

To be independent from newspapers and magazines, a group of photographers posted their photos in the streets.

About thirty photos covering Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Central America were pasted to building in New York City by #Dysturb a French collective of photographers. Their goal is to attract attention to photojournalism.

Founder of the group, Benjamin Girette, said in an interview with Lightbox they use glue that can be washed off with water and they select photos that are not violent.

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Dysturb was founded by French journalists Pierre Terdiman and Benjamin Girette. Once a month the group contacts some of the world’s best photojournalists in different countries to request images to be pasted in the “largest social network: the streets”.

“Each time I finish a story, it’s the same struggle to get my images published,” explains Pierre. “Magazines are rarely interested in showing what’s happening in Egypt, in Georgia, in Afghanistan. Sometimes they’ll publish one or two images, but that’s it. So, everything started from a very selfish idea. I wanted to show my photographs. I wanted to inform people; show them what I’d seen.”

To become member of the group and take part in street exhibitions visit their web-site.

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