Puzzle Adventure Game With Handmade Decorations Is Released

It took three years for creators of miniature city to complete their work

Yesterday a small British studio State of Play presented a sequel to Lume, a puzzle adventure game released in 2011. The team, which consisted of an architect, a designer, a model maker and a photographer, worked on the sequel for three years. During this time they built a 10-foot-tall miniature city out of paper, cardboard and a lot of little lights. According to the plot, Lumi, a young girl follows a series of clues to restore power to her grandfather’s house. To make it look like an interactive animated movie, the team had a separate photo session for each of the scenes and later combined the images into a video.

In an interview with theverge.com the team confessed that the first part of the game was very short because nobody was sure it would be a success. But after launching the first part, the developers realized they made a mistake and needed to continue.

Game Lumino City is available for Windows and Mac OS for $19.99.

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