Selfie May Be Cause for Plane Crash

A pilot’s GoPro camera shows that he was taking pictures of himself while controlling planes.

The National Transportation Safety Board (USA) published a report on the results of an investigation of the plane crash that killed a pilot and passenger of a Cessna 150, not far from Denver, in May 2014, reports CNN.

Investigators found nothing wrong with the aircraft itself that might have contributed to the crash. Experts suggested that negligence of the pilot, who was taking selfies during the flight, might be the cause of the accident. The conclusion was made after watching a video from the pilot’s personal GoPro camera. The video from the camera did not document the plane crash, but it showed the 29-year-old pilot on previous flights taking photos of himself with a smartphone. Investigators think the use of a flashlight might have blinded the pilot and he lost control of the plane.

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