Test: How Good You Are at Differentiating Color Hues

iGame created a theoretical background for Kuku Kube, a game on differentiating the hues.

Specialists of iGame launched a test based on an online game, Kuku Kube, that differentiates a cube of irregular color.

At the end of the test your results will be compared to the vision characteristics of animals: 4 correct answers has vision like a bat, up to 9 – like a mole, up to 14 – like a dog, up to 19 – like a cat, up to 24 like a tiger, and up to 29 – like a hawk.

It is mentioned in the description that people have different visual abilities and about 2-3% of women are able to differentiate 100 million of hues.

Bird in Flight’s photo editor was able to reach the 35th level.

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